• Foam Strawberry Gummies

    $3.99$33.95 Including Sales Tax
    Are you prepared to be addicted? At Scrumptious, we're all about sharing is caring- just not when it comes to our foam strawberry gummies. These chewy bites are deliciously fruity and complete with a bottom layer of vanilla cream flavoring that's light as air.
  • Sunflower Seeds Roasted and Salted

    $3.99$36.95 Including Sales Tax
    Grab a handful of roasted sunflower seeds for a snack or topping that is both nutritious and delicious! Each crunchy kernel is lightly salted and packed with protein!
  • Foam Gummy Frogs

    $3.99$33.95 Including Sales Tax
    Enjoy the mouthwatering taste of our Foam Gummy Frogs. With a creme-flavored bottom that's light as air and a fruity, chewy top layer, you're bound to be hooked.
  • Halloween party

    Candy Corn

    $3.99$31.95 Including Sales Tax
    Sugary, soft, and sweet. Who says these delicious morsels have to be a seasonal treat?
  • Blue Gummy Sharks

    $3.99$33.95 Including Sales Tax
    Kids aren't the only ones who will love these chewy, juicy, shark-shaped bites! Delight in the heavenly flavor combination of blueberry and vanilla creme!
  • Raw Sunflower Seeds

    $3.99$36.95 Including Sales Tax
    For a snack that's crunchy, salty, portable, and rich with protein, grab some raw sunflower seeds!
  • Halloween party

    Cinnamon Imperials

    $3.99$30.95 Including Sales Tax
    A step above the beloved childhood candy. Our cinnamon imperials deliver a spicy kick that you're bound to find dangerously addicting!
  • Sour Gummy Worms

    $3.99$33.95 Including Sales Tax
    These miniature sour gummy worms have an electric appearance and taste! Treat yourself to a mouthwatering burst of sugar-coated sour gummies.
  • Sanded Lemon Drops

    $3.99$29.95 Including Sales Tax
    Our sanded lemon drops are both an addiction and a challenge for the true sour candy fans. Make it through a mouthwatering, sour shell and revel in the sweet, rewarding center.
  • Gummy Butterflies

    $3.99$33.95 Including Sales Tax
    Our gummy butterflies are sure to add a unique touch of sweetness to your next summer party! Add these sweet, chewy treats to candy bars, ice-cream buffets, and your desk drawer for a lively midday snack!
  • Mini Gummy Worms

    $3.99$33.95 Including Sales Tax
    These mini gummy worms are sweet, juicy, and adorably tiny! Add these chewy bites to an ice-cream bar or a candy buffet for the perfect touch of gummy sweetness.
  • Extra Tiny Gummy Bears

    $3.99$33.95 Including Sales Tax
    These extra tiny gummy bears are fruity, fun, and delicious! Who doesn't love tinier versions of an already-small original?