• Deluxe Trail Mix

    $5.99$43.95 Including Sales Tax
    Our Super Hero Trail Mix is a scrumptious blend of blanched peanuts, sunflower seeds, and dried fruit. For a snack that'll keep you active throughout the day, try our protein-rich trail mixes!
  • Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts

    $6.99$54.95 Including Sales Tax
    Our Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts exemplify the grand tradition of mixing sweet and salty flavors to create the ultimate savory snack.
  • Dried Cherries

    $12.99$105.95 Including Sales Tax
    Snack on a handful of dried cherries for a mouthwatering burst of tart, fruity flavor.
  • Dried Mangoes – Sliced

    $6.99$52.95 Including Sales Tax
    Our dried mango slices are fruity, healthy, and delicious! This common favorite makes for a tasty midday snack to help you fight the afternoon lull.
  • Dried Papaya – Diced

    $5.99$43.95 Including Sales Tax
    Add the sweet, tropical flavor of dried papaya to your day. Keep a bag of these fruity bites at your desk, or try them in our Tropical Fruit Mix!
  • Dried Pineapple Core – Diced

    $5.99$43.95 Including Sales Tax
    These sweet bits of dried pineapple are sure to be your next addiction! Grab a handful for a satisfying snack, or use them to liven up your favorite trail mix! Our Mountain Energy Mix wouldn't be the same without these chewy morsels!
  • Extra Tiny Gummy Bears

    $3.99$33.95 Including Sales Tax
    These extra tiny gummy bears are fruity, fun, and delicious! Who doesn't love tinier versions of an already-small original?
  • Foam Gummy Frogs

    $3.99$33.95 Including Sales Tax
    Enjoy the mouthwatering taste of our Foam Gummy Frogs. With a creme-flavored bottom that's light as air and a fruity, chewy top layer, you're bound to be hooked.
  • Foam Strawberry Gummies

    $3.99$33.95 Including Sales Tax
    Are you prepared to be addicted? At Scrumptious, we're all about sharing is caring- just not when it comes to our foam strawberry gummies. These chewy bites are deliciously fruity and complete with a bottom layer of vanilla cream flavoring that's light as air.
  • French Burnt Peanuts – Jumbo

    $4.99$36.95 Including Sales Tax
    We're proud to bring back an old-time favorite. These fresh Spanish peanuts are encased in a sweet candy coating for a savory taste that you won't be able to get enough of!
  • Fruit and Nut Trail Mix

    $5.99$43.95 Including Sales Tax
    Curb your appetite, satisfy your sweet tooth, and boost your energy with our classic Fruit & Nut Trail Mix. You'll love this combination of almonds, blanched peanuts, dried cranberries, papaya, pineapple, and raisins.
  • grapefruit slices

    Grapefruit Slices

    $5.99$47.95 Including Sales Tax
    Pucker up! Each sugar-sprinkled slice is loaded with the sweet and sour twist of grapefruit goodness! Treat your sour tooth with a handful of our mouthwatering grapefruit candy!