• Assorted School Of Fish

    $5.99$47.95 Including Sales Tax
    Our school of fish-shaped gummies make an excellent gift or party favor. Delight in a variety of bright colors and sweet, juice flavors!
  • Red School Of Fish

    $5.99$47.95 Including Sales Tax
    Much like the beloved Swedish Fish, our school of red fish gummies are juicy, fruity, and delightful! These realistic-looking fish shaped gummies are perfect for themed parties, a movie night treat, and more!
  • Smooth & Melty Mints

    $4.99$38.95 Including Sales Tax
    Grab a handful of our petite Smooth & Melty Mints for a refreshing and slightly crunchy snack! These are the perfect bites to keep at your desk to help fight off that coffee break breath!
  • Sunlights: Chocolate Sunflower Seeds

    $6.99$59.95 Including Sales Tax
    With a delicate, sugary shell and the taste of rich cocoa, these sunflower kernels are positively delightful. Grab a bag of chocolate sunflower seeds for a healthy, scrumptious, crunchy treat that will satiate your sweet tooth and your hunger!
  • Deluxe Trail Mix

    $5.99$43.95 Including Sales Tax
    Our Super Hero Trail Mix is a scrumptious blend of blanched peanuts, sunflower seeds, and dried fruit. For a snack that'll keep you active throughout the day, try our protein-rich trail mixes!
  • Assorted Rice Crackers

    $5.99$43.95 Including Sales Tax
    For a snack that's light, crisp, and crunchy, grab a bag of our assorted rice crackers! These airy bites are great for snacking on during games, events, or while you're working!
  • Deluxe Mixed Nuts

    $11.99$102.95 Including Sales Tax
    Curb your appetite with a handful of our Deluxe Mixed Nuts. For a snack that's filling, healthy, and packed with protein, we've mixed almonds, cashews, pecans, and brazil nuts.
  • Mountain Energy Mix

    $5.99$43.95 Including Sales Tax
    Satisfy on the go with our Mountain Energy Mix. We've crafted the ideal combination of instant and long-lasting energy with this ultimate mix of nuts, fruit, and chocolate. Enjoy a mix packed with almonds, sunflower kernels, Spanish peanuts, dried cranberries, pineapple, oat dates, banana chips, chocolate raisins, yogurt raisins, and chocolate blueberries!
  • Tropical Fruit Mix

    $5.99$43.95 Including Sales Tax
    Our Tropical Fruit Mix is sure to have your mouth watering. Treat yourself to this delightful combination of dates, coconut chips, banana chips, dried cranberries, papaya, pineapple, and raisins.
  • Swiss Goodie Trail Mix

    $5.99$43.95 Including Sales Tax
    Our Swiss goodie trail mix is a splendid combination of almonds, blanched peanuts, raisins, and candy buttons! Snag a handful for the perfect on-the-go snack, or keep a bag in your desk to fight the afternoon snooze.
  • Fruit and Nut Trail Mix

    $5.99$43.95 Including Sales Tax
    Curb your appetite, satisfy your sweet tooth, and boost your energy with our classic Fruit & Nut Trail Mix. You'll love this combination of almonds, blanched peanuts, dried cranberries, papaya, pineapple, and raisins.
  • Lemon Creme Almonds

    $7.99$66.95 Including Sales Tax
    Indulge in a creamy treat that delivers the perfect lemony twist of sweet and sour.