1702, 2017

15 Darling Easter Treats

15 Darling Easter Treats Pinterest is just bursting at the seams with adorable Easter treats and I’ve gathered the greatest into one blog post! With so many ideas, sorting these treats was a [...]

1411, 2016

6 Genius Money-Saving Tips for the Frugal Holiday Hostess

6 Genius Money-Saving Tips for the Holiday Hostess! The holidays are fast approaching, which means gifts, parties, extravagant meals, and a New Year’s resolution to stop spending so much money, ironically inspired by [...]

2710, 2016

How To: DIY Candied Apple Bar

DIY Candied Apple Bar What better way to throw a memorable holiday party than with a fun, unique, and adorable candied apple bar? This party trick is delicious and entertaining for your guests, but [...]

2309, 2016

Finally Fall Contest Giveaway!

It's finally fall! Holiday dinners, family parties, and exciting events are on their way! To celebrate this magical season and help you get all of your refreshments, neighbor gifts, and famous [...]

209, 2016

How to Throw a Wicked Halloween Party

How To Throw A Wicked Halloween Party As soon as August is over, Halloween fever sets in. Costumes are picked, decorations are hung, and parties are planned. [...]